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I educate on how physiology and daily activity affect metabolism, how to properly balance macronutrients, and how to plan for proper nutrition! I create personalized meal plans to help you achieve your goals that adapts as your body does, whether its weight-loss, maintenance, or muscle-gain. When I am helping you put the right things into your body, you will get the most out of your body, and my training!


I build a program personalized to meet you at your current fitness ability, while working up to meet your goals! Each week I give you micro-goals to help you stay focused, as well as weekly video call to check-in, and daily messages to hold you accountable and offer help. I create specific fitness goals with each of my clients that we measure through monthly fitness assessments; setting you up to see guaranteed gains in your fitness!

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Set up a 15 minute Zoom screening call to see if we are a good fit to start training!



What TYPE of workouts do you offer?

I offer stability, strength, endurance, and plyometric workouts that are personalized to each client’s goals. If you are unsure of what type of workouts you want to do, I recommend going through my SWEL programming that is personalized to your current strength and cardiovascular stage, while giving your body a variety of challenges through Stability, Workload & Quickness, Elevated-HR, and Lethal Power workouts. We will progress through each of these stages so that you are able to safely challenge yourself.

What types of home fitness EQUIPMENT do you need to train with you?

All you will need for one of my workouts is a clean fitness mat, water, dumbbells, and a sweat towel if you want one!

Do you charge extra for a MEAL PLAN?

When you start training with me, a meal plan will always be a part of our training plan, as proper nutrition is a vital part of achieving a healthy body fat percentage, as well as muscle growth.

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

I have knowledge on human physiology, anatomy, psychology of movement, exercise during pregnancy, and so much more through my BS in Kinesiology, and my CPT that I get to pass onto you throughout training. My goal is to get you to a healthy body fat percentage, and develop habits that will keep you healthy for a lifetime, so that you are able to “graduate” from training with me. I meet with clients virtually weekly, as well as give a personalized fitness and meal plan that changes as your body does. Through training with me, you get the flexibility of accomplishing your workouts whenever is best for you, while also getting the extremely high-end personalized programming and accountability that is mostly only experienced by celebrities training for movies!

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